What We Do

We are Domain Name Consultants. We can find or create a Domain Name for you in .COM, .PH, or .Whatever.

.COM Domains

Quality .COM domains are difficult to acquire. We can find or create quality domains for use in Philippines or Globally.

.PH Domains

If your business is entirely Philippines related, a quality .PH domain is an ideal solution for your website needs.

.Whatever Domains

There are many new Global extensions, like .SHOP, .STORE, and .CLUB which can make you stand out from the crowd.

Stu Buckingham

Sole Proprietor and Owner of DomainPH.com

Personal Background

I am British and retired to the Philippines in 1995. I live in Subic Bay with my wife, and 2 Jack Russell Terriers. You can contact me via email.

Career Background

The pinnacle of my career was to be the Asia-Pacific Regional Financial Controller/Director for a large Fortune 500 non-US company, when I retired at the age of 44, in 1995.

Domain Names

I have been trading domain names since 2006. I have creative wordcraft when searching out available domains. Let me help you find the perfect Domain Name for your business or website.

Other Services

I launched this website in 2016. I am familiar with outsourcing website developers and web hosting services for your domain. Should you require these additional services.

Contact Us

Tell us about yourself. What you do. What you need. The more you tell us. The better our proposals can be individually tailored to your requirements.